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Nonwovens are where our expertise and our passion lie. We are enthusiastic about working for this material – and it shows in both our employees’ ethos and our products. You can feel the difference with every nonwoven and every request you make of us. 

Nonwovens are fascinating. They are soft and tough, light and strong, valuable but not expensive. They are revolutionising interior wall coverings and they have a special place in our hearts. We at Technocell Vlies are devoted entirely to base paper for nonwoven wallpapers and wall liners. Not to mention the potential that these products hold – for you, for the future and for our shared success.

We are happy to help and look forward to giving you reliable advice, tackling problems and finding solutions. We are confident that you will feel – and appreciate – the difference. 

Nothing is too much trouble.

  • Personal service

  • Continuous quality management

  • Reliable production

  • Profound understand of production and a broad product range