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Paper laminates

Paper laminates

Food packaging is constantly having to fulfil new requirements. It has to be made from light, flexible materials that are both visually appealing and have a good feel to them, and also protect resources in a sustainable way. In addition, it is expected that it has the potential to stand out from the competition at the POS.

Precisely, these objectives are met by paper composites with customised window geometries thanks to Felix Schoeller’s unique LaserCut technology. The product range consists of laminate structures with and without paper, partly transparent due to WindowPaper technology equipped with barrier properties from zero up to high barrier by vacuum deposition. As market leader for foils and specialty papers printed using digital or intaglio printing, we have the experience in producing and developing specialised surfaces for a variety of applications.

Dirk Niekamp
Sales & Product Manager
Tel. +49-541-3800-389
E-Mail: DNiekamp(at)Felix-Schoeller.com


  • WindowPaper: Paper based lamination structures with or without unique LaserCut-windows technology
  • PrimePaper: Uncoated paper in various color shades and excellent printability
  • Paper laminate, plastic laminate and aluminium laminate structures: Unprinted lamination structures from variable material combination


    • Food hygiene certification to DIN 15.593 – allows the production of products for packaging for fresh products
    • Certificate of Compliance for PrimePaper white: Confirmation of compliance for „PrimePaper white“ according to BfR 36 and BfR 36/2 for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs
    • Group-wide integrated management system involving quality standard ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001, occupational safety standard 18001 and energy management system ISO 50001