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Certifications and references

Certifications and references


  • Group-wide integrated management system incorporating quality standard ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001, occupational safety standard 18001 and energy management system ISO 50001 more
  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) – organisation for ensuring and continually improving sustainable forestry (FSC® C020254)
  • HP Indigo – Best Performing Substrate. Thanks to its excellent processing properties, the extremely good toner adhesion and the excellent printing blanket compatibility our E-PHOTO® paper with the Lustre surface received the highest mark of “Best Performing Substrate” in the HP certification. 
  • Wilhelm Imaging Research: the ageing resistance of E-PHOTO® Lustre was tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc., an internationally recognised company for quality testing of photo papers, in March 2011 and given the best possible mark (longer than 200 years).



The mark of responsible forestry FSC® C020254


HP Indigo Certified Media


Top rating for aging resistance

Dscoop Gold Partner

Since 2011, Felix Schoeller Digital Media is Gold Partner of Dscoop, a merger of HP Indigo digital press operators. The annual conference provides a network of print industry leaders in order to share ideas and successes and is also a platform for information and solutions on the subject of HP Indigo. Due to the mutual support of all members Felix Schoeller Digital Media was able to optimize their E-PHOTO® papers for HP Indigo presses and to develop a variety of new surfaces.


Guellaume Depaifve , Head of R&D and Purchasing of Photobox:
“The Felix Schoeller E-PHOTO® papers are the perfect opportunity for achieving an unrivalled distinction from standard photobooks. The unique appearance and feel, as with a real photo, combined with its water and dirt resistance, create a premium product which is tailored to customer needs and for which the consumer is willing to pay more.”

Marco Perlman, Managing Director of DigiPix, Brazil:

“I am delighted about the new Felix Schoeller Digital Media business unit and the new generation of high-quality papers for digital printing. The unique combination of the E-PHOTO® papers with their three layers – photographic base paper, polyethylene coating and E-PHOTO® primer – offers some outstanding new functions. The PE coating, for example, gives the appearance and feel of a classic photo paper, as we are accustomed to from Felix Schoeller. Vivid and brilliant colours are ensured by the innovative toner adhesion from the E-PHOTO® primer.”

Marino Roncone, Managing Director of Rikorda, Italy:
“E-PHOTO® papers combine the best properties of a standard paper and a genuine photographic paper (AgX). Thanks to the polyethylene coating on the E-PHOTO® papers, these are capable of achieving an excellent visual appearance and feel just like with a real photo. A high degree of dimensional stability ensures an excellent workflow. Outstanding print compatibility is guaranteed thanks to the unique toner adhesion of the E-PHOTO® primer.”