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Microporous Baryta-Coated Paper

Our microporous baryta-coated  paper consists of a true baryta photo rawbase. Furthermore the product is provided with a specially developed microporous fine art colour receiver layer and a backside-coating. What makes it truly unique is the original baryta layer, ensuring not only the look and feel but also the smell of a traditional baryta photo paper.

Grade Product Surface g/m² Product Category Whiteness Printability Printing Technology
J23160 TRUE baryta Satin 310 Microporous Baryta-Coated Paper WWhite (W) SSimplex printable (S)
  • Inkjet water-based
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  • HWHigh White
  • AWAlpine White
  • BWBright White
  • WWhite
  • NWNatural White
  • IWIvory White
  • MMetallic


  • SSimplex printable
  • DDuplex printable
  • SBSimplex printable (backside print)

Recommended printing technology

  • Inkjet water-based Inkjet water-based
  • Inkjet solvent Inkjet solvent
  • Inkjet latex Inkjet latex
  • Inkjet UV Inkjet UV
  • High-speed inkjet systems High-speed inkjet systems
  • Sublimation water-based Sublimation water-based
  • Indigo systems Indigo systems
  • Dry toner systems Dry toner systems