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Our release liners are as diverse as your applications. Whether you need a dimensionally stable base paper, a high-performance poly-extrusion substrate or a ready-made silicone-coated release liner, Felix Schoeller is your contact for every step along the value added chain. We offer you a wide variety of products that meet your requirements.

High-performance poly-extrusion substrates

We offer you a variety of product structures on the basis of the components paper, polyethylene and polypropylene.



Silicone-coated release liners

As specialty paper manufacturer with fully integrated added value, we also produce fully refined, silicone-coated release liners for our customers. We offer products with one- or two-sided silicone and polyethylene coating.



The desired layers can be put together as you wish to achieve your desired paper. Functional coatings, reverse side logo printing, a perforation of the PE layer and sealed edges can be integrated as required.

Contact us if you are looking for silicone papers for high temperatures or silicone-free release solutions.